Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic

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Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic

The usage of FRP

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Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic is a composite material of (1)thermosetting resin with high water resistance and chemical resistance and (2) stiffeners that display excellent mechanical performances, such as Glass Fiber. It is a structural material that is entirely different from the existing synthetic resin products.

FRP has typically been used as building materials for bathtubs, water tanks, septic tanks, etc. It is now more widely used in the chemical industry, construction equipment, and shipbuilding thanks to its excellent corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, and lightweight mechanical strength.

Cross-sectional diagram of FRP


FRP features

  • - It is (1/4) lighter than iron and has excellent mechanical strength.
  • - It has excellent resistance to corrosion, acid, water, alkali, chemicals, weather, and heat. (heat resistance temperature 40℃ ~ 170℃)
  • - It has outstanding thermal insulation and electrical insulation capabilities. (Thermal conductivity: 1/180 of iron)
  • - It has no ION elution, and its construction is convenient and simple.
  • - It displays strong adhesion, remarkable adhesion to cement, wood, and steel.

FRP production order

  • 01

    Removal of impurities

    Removal of moisture
    Removal of oil
    Removal of dust and sand
  • 02


    Construction on a curved surface
    with RESIN + TARC
  • 03

    FIRP lamination

    GLSASS FIBER(#450): 2 times
    + G/F(#570) 1 time
    + G/F(#450) Construction repeated 3 times
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